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Dr. Donesky 30 Year Reunion, Loma Linda University


30 years between his handheld
photo and today

Hospital Dentistry Residency with
his colleagues
 Class of 1986 at Hard Rock Hotel
in Palm Springs, CA.
 Charlene’s 10 year anniversary with
Myron L. Donesky, DDS.
  Staff Appreciation Day
 Office Day Outing to Napa Wine Train 
  Office Day at Raymond Vineyards
 Dr. Donesky 

All aboard the wine train!

Staff appreciation day.  We all had enjoyed a gourmet lunch at the Napa Wine Train
(L-R) Marissa, CC, Gloria, Dr. Donesky


Training Day.  We are preparing our office to be
(L-R) Marissa, CC. Dr. Donesky,
Trainer, and Stacy











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